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March 2012

3 months down… only 9 to go.

Sometimes it feels so surreal that I’ve able to carry on with this project… I feel so blessed and thrilled with all that God is doing! Is great to wake up every day and know for a fact that God wants to talk to me and hey, I so want to hear Him! It has been my prayer that I always keep the connection with Him…

What a great pleasure this month was… My camera almost got broken on the second day of this month… I had the privilege to do a live painting, something that I’ve been dreaming for many years… Spring is here and along with it, there is so much hope that God has opened the door already… all we need is faith!

Stay with me as I keep on looking for Him… and He shows up!

What a loving and faithful God we have! 🙂



Day 91 – Through the open door

“For a great and effective door has opened for me, and there are many adversaries.” 1 Corinthians 16:9

(I was praying the other day asking God to open a door for an specific matter and I was praying I was realizing that He already had opened a door and I just needed to go through it… That same morning when I was reading my daily devotional by David Jeremiah, I went ahead and flipped the page for the next day’s devotional and it was this verse. At the end of it he wrote: “Our focus should not be on the searching for the open door as much as being ready to go through it when God opens it. Make your prayer today, “Lord, prepare my eyes to see your open doors and my heart to go through them without delay.” 🙂 )

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