Color and Theme project! I need you!!!

Hi everyone!

I was thinking the other day about how colors really fascinates me… Then I thought that I should pick a color for a week and take pictures of the specific color… but something else was missing and when I have an idea that I think it could work, my mind thinks about it till the idea fills complete… So, now it is and I would love your help and collaboration!

This is how this is going to work:

Starting on Tuesday May 1st till Saturday June 30th = 9 weeks

Each week will have a color = 9 colors

Each color will have a theme = 9 themes

I thought about these colors: yellow, orange, red, purple, brown, blue, green, black and white

And these themes: Resentment, Guilt, Fear, Failure, Doubt, Worry, Discouragement, Loneliness, Procastination

These themes are actually part of this study by Dr. David Jeremiah called Slaying the Giants. I listened to the series and it was such a tremendous blessing to my life.

Here is where I would love to have your collaboration…

  • Choose 1 week + 1 color + 1 theme (Ex: Week 3 + blue + doubt)
  • Then the next person can’t choose any of these options again (Get it?? I always have a feeling that I can’t explain myself…)
  • So, I only need 8 people to collaborate!!!! 

If you want to collaborate, just comment me your options!!! I will do this anyways but I would love to get you involved!!

Thx a lot,

Camila 🙂

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Hello! My name is Camila Silva. I'm currently living in Brazil where I study visual arts. View all posts by artbycamila

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