Color and Theme Project starts tomorrow


Just a quick update on the Color and Theme Project… First I gotta be really honest here… I’m not as excited as I was before… oh well… but I’m doing it anyways…

Tomorrow it starts with the color purple and guilty suggested by my dear follower: Thank you!

Here is the deal… I’m going on a road trip to Florida tomorrow and I will staying there till Saturday. I was thinking that I could come up with some “rules” just in case if I can’t resist to post a picture of the sunrise or the sunset… So, I came up with the “waive photos” and that means that throughout the project I have 10 photos that I can waive and just post something else that is not related with the color of the week. Remember that it is an 9 week project…

The themes are based on a study by Dr. David Jeremiah called “Slaying the Giants” and the verses will help us overcome those giants…

Despite my lack of excitement I think this will be a great project and a great way for us to learn how to overcome certain situations…

Also, feel free to participate with the project just as Jeremy is going to!

Be with us!


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