The Readers Appreciation Award

When I started blogging it was a project between God and I… It never crossed my mind that I would virtually meet so many great people that encourage me everyday to capture His creation…

Special thank you to Florence Kuek for nominating me for this award!

In accepting this award, I’ll share a little of what God has done along with a list of bloggers that I am nominating for the Reader Appreciation Award.

His faithfulness

He has just being so faithful, I don’t deserve… He has just being so merciful, I am in awe… When I was in the darkness days not long ago, He was there with me. When I started to see again, it was Him what I saw. He held my hand and brought me out… Some days, I fight to get inside again… He helps me… But it is still a struggle… But we are walking through it together… I never felt Him so close by… Words will never be enough to say, pictures will never be enough to show my love and appreciation for what He has done and what He will do… And as long is Him and I, I’ll be fine.


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Hello! My name is Camila Silva. I'm currently living in Brazil where I study visual arts. View all posts by artbycamila

One response to “The Readers Appreciation Award

  • Jeremy

    Wow! Thanks! Sorry it took so long to respond to this. I’ll have to post my acceptance 🙂 Love your work, too bad I can’t nominate you, or can i? 🙂

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