Week 3 – Color and Theme Project

Hello everyone!

Today we start Week #3! Color and theme chosen by http://makingcamp.wordpress.com/. Thank you!

The color is orange and the theme is doubt.

I have to say that last week I was already looking for orange things… I’m thinking it would be quite a challenge, but I’m definitely up for it!

I was thinking this morning about the theme: doubt. Doubt is basically lack of faith… I confess that I need to work on that a lot… I tend to doubt everything… I question a lot all the time and I want to control as much as I possibly can… But I do want to change and slay the giant of doubt and live by faith… And if that’s you case, I hope we can learn, grow and change together!

Here is what Dr. David Jeremiah says about doubt:

“We often think of doubt as a negative emotion. But viewed from a positive perspective, doubts have the potential to build an indestructible faith as one’s search for truth leads them to a relationship with Jesus Christ. We should to turn our doubts into questions, our questions into prayers, and to turn our prayers toward Almighty God.”

And I’m sorry that I’ve posting a lot of flowers lately… well, I do love flowers and I think they are just so beautiful that they must be captured… and the blog is about God’s creation, so I’m good with that… but I have to tell you that some days I do miss the freedom I had before this 2 months project… I love the challenge of the project but I miss the freedom I had before. Other thing I love about the project is that I kind of don’t “expose” my struggles through the pictures I take but at the same time I try my best to take a significant photo… I guess I’ll stop writing now… My mind is a bit confused… which is pretty normal for me :)!



By the way, I still need your help choosing the week, color and theme. Choose from:

Week: 5, 6, 7 or 9

Colors: yellow, brown, blue, and black

Theme: Fear, Worry, Discouragement and Procastination

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5 responses to “Week 3 – Color and Theme Project

  • forhisgloryandpraise

    I think flowers are the most colorful things there are this time of year, but don’t limit yourself. I think you’ll be surprised at even the clothes we wear and the color in them can show those feelings on a person. I mean like the white in a wedding dress can remind us of purity, of shyness, of confidence, coldness, and so much more depending on the style of dress. Same with other colors. If you watch movies, television, you can see where costumers and directors will put an evil character in certain darkcolors, a temptress in certain rich reds and black colors, and the innocent heroine in colors that are either white, mousey colors, or pastels. I think you should consider taking pictures of people in your colors…maybe without them even knowing…get their facial expression and the colors they dress in and you can almost read the emotion they are feeling that day. It’s just an idea.

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