Week 4 – Color and Theme Project


Today I will start Week 4. In order to finish the project by June 30th I would have to have 2 short weeks… And the picture that I ended up taking today made me decide to make Week 3 one of them…

All right then… Week 4 was suggested by Jeremy. Thx Jeremy! He picked the color red and the theme loneliness and he also took a picture! Check it out here!

Here is what Dr. David Jeremiah says about loneliness:

“Is it a sin to feel alone? Some people view loneliness as a sin. The giant of loneliness that can appear in all of our lives from time to time. From the lonely single to the lonely senior citizen, God understands this strong emotion and wants to minister to us. How can we escape from the lonely feelings that sometimes overwhelm us? Maybe it’s when you go home to cook dinner by yourself. Or maybe loneliness creeps in when you’re watching a funny movie and no one’s laughing with you. We must learn that our emptiness can only be filled by an intimate relationship with God.”

Stay with us!

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