Color and Theme Project Week #5

Hi everyone!

Well, is already Week #5! I had to choose this week’s color and theme… I randomly picked up the color brown and the theme is fear… I think I’m in trouble haha!

Here is what Dr. David Jeremiah says about fear:

“All of us have experienced some kind of fear. Are you afraid of heights or spiders? Maybe you’ve been told you have a serious disease or you fear getting cancer. It is important to know that fear steals away the very thing God wants to give us.”

I think is nice that we are starting the theme of fear right on Memorial Day… Our prayers go to all of men and women out there that are fearless to defend our freedom…

Stay with us…

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Hello! My name is Camila Silva. I'm currently living in Brazil where I study visual arts. View all posts by artbycamila

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