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Day 156 – Rusty stair

Color and Theme Project: Week 6 – Color: Yellow – Theme: Procrastination

I claim this scripture to overcome procrastination:

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalms 90:12

(It has been raining a lot since Saturday… Sometimes I pass by this rusty yellow stairs on my way to work, but I only notice it today! The rain was pouring so I went under the stairs and saw a bunch of these little yellow flowers… I knew that I had to put them together somehow… The wind was blowing the flower and my umbrella… It was funny tough… but just now it hit me… When we procrastinate and keep on postponing things (specially spiritually things) we became rusty and is really difficult to get it all “cleaned up” how it is supposed to be… that’s the rusty stair and the flower I guess is just a bonus!)

Color and Theme Project Week #6

I’m so glad that brown is over! I do love the color, yes… but you know… was kind of hard!

So, today we start week #6. I randomly picked the color yellow and the theme is procrastination.

Well, I must confess… I’m a big procrastinator… I’m sure that I could be many pounds lighter, have couple hundreds more dollars, be wiser, be spiritually stronger, healthier… and the list can go on and on… but yeah, I do procrastinate a lot…

Here is what Dr. David Jeremiah says about it:

“Do you consider “tomorrow” a dangerous word? If you’re a procrastinator, you might not realize the danger of putting things off till tomorrow. But countless dreams, and, more importantly, many decisions for Christ have never been realized because people delay decisions till tomorrow. It is important for us to be sensitive to God by responding today to the opportunities He gives us to serve Him. How often do you say, “I’ll do that tomorrow”? We all get in the habit of procrastinating at times. But life is uncertain, and we have no control over our tomorrows.”

I hope I can change!!!

Stay with us!

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