Color and Theme Project Week #8


Only two more weeks to finish the project!

For this week the color is green (Yeahhh) and the theme is Resentment chosen by Lyn! Thx Lyn!

Here is what Dr. David Jeremiah says about resentment:

“Are you ever frustrated because you can’t remember something you needed to do? All of us forget things from time to time. But there’s usually one thing we don’t forget—the hurt we experience from others who wrong us. Bookkeepers are needed to keep track of financials, but aren’t you glad God doesn’t keep a permanent record of our sins. We must  follow the example of God’s forgiveness and grace that leaves no room for resentment. The kind of love that should permeate our relationships is the love that looks for the chance to forgive, not the chance to get even. By forgiving others we follow God’s example, and we don’t allow bitterness to poison our lives.”

I don’t think I have difficulties with resentment or forgiveness. But I have to tell you that I do get angry with some people… So, I am open to learn how to get better!

Stay with us!

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