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Day 177 – God will meet all your needs!

Color and Theme Project: Week 9 – Color: Black – Theme: Worry

I claim this scripture to overcome worry:

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

(Mondays are now just really busy for me… I got a part time job and I’m getting very tired lately but I know that is temporary so it helps to think like that… So, I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time taking pictures but I’m so grateful that God keeps on providing them! And more important than the pictures is His word that is what truly transforms our lives! I’ve been living this verse of Philippians! I’ve seen God meet all my needs! I’m so grateful for His love!)

Color and Theme Project Week #9

Hi everyone!

Here we are! Week #9! Yeah! And only 6 days away from day 183 which is half of 2012!

So, for this final week of the project, the color is black and the theme is worry!

Here is what Dr. David Jeremiah says about it:

“How much of your day is spent worrying—not planning for tomorrow or showing care over legitimate concerns, but allowing the spirit of worry to take over your day?  The ineffectiveness of worry focuses on the future over which we have no control. Jesus teaches on the uselessness of worry: It doesn’t rob tomorrow of its sorrow. It robs today of its strength. Is the habit of worry interfering with your Christian life? Do you find your heart is divided between the worrisome issues of your life and giving God your future? Jesus’ teaching on worry-free living and how to avoid the “what if” mentality is what we need to learn to overcome worry. Advise your worriers to adopt a new system of priorities, making God the focus of their pursuits and seeking Him first.”

Well, I was thinking that since the color is black, I will be taking black and white photos! I haven’t done since the color white… So, I think is okay, right?? I hope so! And I will try my best to make the main focus of the picture an actually black subject but if that doesn’t happen… well no worries right??

Stay with us! 🙂

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