Day 249 – God is love

“… for God is love” 1 John 4:8b

(Ok, I would like to introduce you to my new project that I’m finishing up putting together now as I write! Pablo Buitrago, a fellow blogger posted his #261 post and I had it stuck in my mind… I thought it was a cool idea and that I would somehow come up with something similar… I guess today is the day! Well, first of all I love the idea of abstract… I’m mainly an abstract painter and I get it you know… Is like the beauty of hidden feelings type of thing for me… So, in this project I’ll be shooting abstract things… I’ll let myself loose and try to see the abstract within the real… I will also let myself crop the images in addition to adjusting the levels and that’s all for editing… Now talking about the verses that I plan on post… I was doing some research and ended up on Dr. David Jeremiah’s website and he has a new book called “God Loves You: He Always Has—He Always Will” where he will answer these kind of questions:  If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Feel It? and If God Loves Me, Why Do I Run From Him? and more… So basically is about God’s love for us. Now, how does the abstract idea of the photos tied with God’s love? Well, I think that we know that God’s love is real but sometimes it seems so abstract to us that we just can’t figure it out… and let’s face it… we all go through that at some point in our lives… I’ll also let myself loose here and post about it when I feel like and I just ordered the book now so I have to wait till it comes… So, I guess is not only about the concept of God’s love with the abstract idea but also is about me getting loose in many aspects! Believe me… I need these 3 things at this time… Let’s see how it goes… I just need a name for it… Any ideas??)

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3 responses to “Day 249 – God is love

  • altarofheaven

    This is just beautiful and I know it’s Spirit led!! I will pray to see if I have any ideas to share with you.

    LOVE. The first verses God illuminated to me were of LOVE (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Matthew 22:34-40 1 Corinthians 13). I have been studying love the past three years and God is teaching me more each day. The whole LAW rests on these two commandments and God IS love, He fulfilled the law through love His Son Jesus Christ and He is the one who loves in and through us by the power of His Holy Spirit and draws others to Himself through yielded Christians that do not judge but humble themselves to allow God to love through them. I am excited about this project for you…

    If I post what God has shown me about love could I use some of your photos? I’m praying for you Camila!

    • artbycamila

      Thank you so much Arcelia! You are such a blessing to my life!
      I’m so grateful to God for crossing our ways!!!
      And of course you can use any of my photos!!!
      I look forward to see what God has spoken to you about His love!!!
      Thx for praying…
      God bless!

  • Pablo Buitrago

    This is beautiful Camila!
    I’m glad my shot was stucked i your mind 🙂

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