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Day 252 – Knitted together

Real Abstract Project – Post #1

If God Loves Me, When Did God’s Love for Me Begin?

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalms 139:13

God designs us for our days even as He designs our days for us, writing our future in His book even before it comes to pass. As God was forming you, He was watching over you in love. Everything God does, including overseeing the development of an unborn human child, is carried out in love. Nothing but love can account for God seeing us as redeemed in Jesus Christ even before we were conceived, born, or had committed any sin.

(Okay, here we go with the first post from the idea I shared on Day 249. I decided to call the this “Real Abstract Project”. Real because God’s love is real and abstract because the photos will be sort of “abstract”. So, the book that I got will only be release on Oct 2nd but on the website I have accesses to all the chapter summaries. There are 10 chapters with questions like the one above.  I’ll choose the verse and I’ll just past the summary of the chapter, and again the book is from Dr. David Jeremiah. Another part of this project is the idea of me getting loose with the photos as well as not having any other restriction regarding posting… meaning, I can post about this project whenever I feel like! Okay! I guess that’s all for today!!! Let’s see when the next post will come!!! Blessings! And remember, God loves you. He always has, He always will.)


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