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November 2012

Wow! Only 1 more month to go!!! How exciting to see how far not only I have come but all of you that are doing this project!

Even tough I’m not posting everyday due to life’s circumstances, I’m taking the pictures!

November will definitely be a month to remember… On November 1st I came back to my country (Brazil) where I lived till I was 17 years old when then I moved to the USA and lived for almost 12 years…

Now that I’m back in my country I’m going through a period of adjustment… It has been a challenge… But who said that life would be easy anyways???

I’m sure that God is taking care of me… I see that through this project… He has proven to me that He loves me even when I fail… Every picture I take, as simple as they may be, they are for me a proof of God’s love…

Stay with us as we approach the end!

With love,


From Day 327 to Day 335 – Grace & Love

Hi everyone!

I’m not posting everyday, but I am taking pictures everyday and by the grace and love of God I haven’t missed one day!

So, here it is the end of the month!

Most of the pictures are taken from the apartment where we are staying till we move next next week! Sometimes I take pictures on the streets but I don’t feel that comfortable yet… I’m still slowly adapting to a new reality…

I don’t feel like writing today… So I’ll finish with this verse:

“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Day 335 (Nov 30th) – Beauty on the ground



Day 334 (Nov 29th) – Palms



Day 333 (Nov 28th) – Pink on the ground



Day 332 (Nov 27th) – Raining day



Day 331 (Nov 26th) – Plant



Day 330 (Nov 25th) – Orange and blue



Day 329 (Nov 24th) – Purple orchid



Day 328 (Nov 23rd) – Sunset II



Day 327 (Nov 22nd) – Sunset I



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