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Caballos de Paseo – 2016 project

Hello everyone!!

Wow! I haven’t been here for soooo long!!!

I’m stopping by to say that I’ve been living in Brazil and studying art at the federal university. Everything is good, thanks to God!! Sometimes I struggle a bit with life… but who doesn’t, right???

Well, I started a new project last year and for 2016 I decided that I would do it for real!!!

Follow me on Instagram: @caballosdepaseo

And I’m also blogging about it:

My personal instagram is: @artbycamila sometimes I post some pics!!!

Thank you all!!

Many blessings!!

Camila Silva

December 2012

It feels surreal!! I did it! I took a picture every single day this year! And on top of that I blogged about it! Blogging was not my project but it became so essential to me… like a diary… I can look back and see my life in 2012 through pictures! And I think that is so cool!

I have to say that it wasn’t easy… I learned a lot about photography but that was never my goal… My goal was to accomplish something and I did it!

God showed up every single day even when I couldn’t see Him so clearly I knew in my heart He was there… It was like something between Him and I… Our project… I’m so glad I did this… I have so many memories now… I can pick any picture and I would have something to say…

What is also so interesting about this project is that I can count on my hands who I told about this… My parents don’t know, my sister doesn’t know, actually, my family doesn’t know… And is funny because I somehow made that my project as well… I did not want people that are to close to me to know because I did not want to be influenced my them… I did not want them to be so opinionated about places where I could shot or things that I should or shouldn’t shot. So, I made my way around many times… I took many pictures with them around without them knowing about it… I don’t plan to let them know… It was my project and I did it the way I wanted to…

But I did tell some friends… People that I knew I could tell… And to you, thank you!

I will not do another 365/366 project anytime soon… But next year I’ll have another blog where I’ll talk about my art and it is called “My art meets my life”. I’m not sure yet how it will go… but I’m so open to be more flexible and to go with the flow of my soul…

To all of you who followed me through 2012, my greatest appreciations! I did not have tons of followers but I ones I had made my so happy with the comments and the likes! I went through a lot this years and you were there with me! I travelled a lot, worked a lot and even moved back to my home country, kept the project a secret from my family, my camera broke and I still took a picture every day. Some days more meaningful than others but every day it was something… Something to remember…

I’ll miss it… This project was way more than just carrying a camera and taking pictures… It was about commitment, discipline, love, accomplishment, the felling that yes, I can do it!

Thank you my friends. Thank you my followers. And thank you my dear God… You showed me how much you love and care about me… Thank you…

See you next year!

Happy 2013 filled with happiness and blessings from God!

With love,


Day 342 – Joyful flower!


“Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the Lord.” Psalm 119:1

November 2012

Wow! Only 1 more month to go!!! How exciting to see how far not only I have come but all of you that are doing this project!

Even tough I’m not posting everyday due to life’s circumstances, I’m taking the pictures!

November will definitely be a month to remember… On November 1st I came back to my country (Brazil) where I lived till I was 17 years old when then I moved to the USA and lived for almost 12 years…

Now that I’m back in my country I’m going through a period of adjustment… It has been a challenge… But who said that life would be easy anyways???

I’m sure that God is taking care of me… I see that through this project… He has proven to me that He loves me even when I fail… Every picture I take, as simple as they may be, they are for me a proof of God’s love…

Stay with us as we approach the end!

With love,


Quick update

Hello everyone!!

I made to Brazil! We arrived last Friday and everything went fine!!!

I just haven’t been posting but I’m taking pictures daily by the grace of God!

I’ll will post them soon!!


September 2012

Where did September go??? It went by so fast…
I just realized today that all I have left is 30 days in the USA… I can’t describe how I feel, let’s just say that prayers are really appreciated… Thank you…

Back to the month of September now… I guess that all I have to say is that I’m so thankful to God for he has been so good to me even when is so hard to see it…

Stay with us…

August 2012

Wow… another month is gone… So many ups and downs but I’m glad that God has been so faithful!

Stay with us!!


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