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Day 232 – Whales!

“… my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty.” Isaiah 6:5b

(This verse is a bit out of context I guess but I’m going to explain why I chose this verse… Well, today we went whale watching! I always wanted to go whale watching and it is so nice!!! I totally recommend it! We have so much fun, the weather was good and the whales and the dolphins were showing off!! We had a blast! Now with the verse… Well, I love the ocean and by now I think you can tell by numbers of pictures I take at the beach (I wish I could go more often…) And as the boat was going into that endless ocean I could only think about the greatness of our God… then I started to see the dolphins (I wasn’t expecting to see any… they are my favorite animals… it was a great surprise!) and then the big whales… I mean… What else can you do but give thanks to God? It was one of those “magical moments” that God let me see how big He is… I kind of hard for me to put into words, but I think you know what I’m talking about… It is not over yet… Well, then we go to church… The last worship song said this: “Glorious, my eyes have seen the glory of the Lord”… Then comes the preaching and the preacher uses this verse… Even tough I didn’t see the King like Isaiah did, I can assure you that through His marvelous creation we can see Him everyday!

By the way, today was supposed to be the last week of the “Sunday Praise Project”. I’ll see if I’ll finish it next week or maybe not… let’s see how it goes!)

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